Product Care

  1. Abacama
Our Abacamas were designed to give your pet the comfort it needs all while being stylish and easy for you to maintain. 
    Bed Frame: If you encounter any "accidents" on the actual Abacama, spot clean only! Do not submerge in water. Get a damp cloth and wipe the dirty area. Let it dry completely under the heat of the sun.
    Cushion: After coming home from a walk, flip the pillow to the darker side and keep your pet's dirty paw prints to minimum visibility.
    Cushion: When you're ready to make the cushion look brand new again, just pop it in the washing machine! Wash with cold water, then tumble or air dry. We suggest making sure it's extra, extra dry, so you can fluff it back to perfect shape.
      2. Leather Leads & Collars
        Our leads and collars are made with 100% full grain leather. To clean leather, mix mild dish detergent with warm, soapy water. Dampen cloth with solution and spot clean dirty area of the leather. Grab a second, clean, damp cloth to wipe of soapy residue. Do not soak!
          3. Bimpaw
            Our Bimpaws were made with embroidered brand tags because we know how often you'll need to wash them if your pet is a rowdy one. To make sure the Bimpaws maintain their color, wash gently with soap and cold water, and then hang to dry.